YOU MUST WATCH THIS : Israel and Palestine : A Federation of Two States

ISRAEL / PALESTINE A Federation of Two States.

There is one time tested democratic political peace plan that has ended many wars in history called Federation of States.

The USA, Canada and many other countries ended their own wars with a Federation of States.

A federal democracy in Israel / Palestine can be achieved by joining together the State borders to form restored Holy Book borders for all citizens of The Holy Land.

All federal democracies share maximized international borders and they share a capital.

Choosing a capital for the Federation of Israel / Palestine is easy because Jerusalem is listed as the capital of The Holy Land in the Torah, the Bible and the Koran.

At least we can agree on something.

All sides want all of The Holy Land for their country and they want Jerusalem as their capital.

Only a federation can deliver everything to everyone and end the war with two winners.

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