Toronto Email Marketing Services : Erezziko is ranked one of the best Digital Marketing firms in Canada by, a trusted and well-respected resource for evaluating digital marketing vendors.

“Our current top Digital Marketing winners are the strongest and recognize firms we have identified to date.” says Joe S. Lopez, in his announcement of industry leaders for April 2017.

“With the internet becoming such a mainstay in the lives of so many Americans, it’s more important than ever to capitalize on web marketing,” says Joe S. Lopez. “A powerful Digital Marketing Firms, increases brand recognition, and improves the overall perception of the company. Businesses that are unable to target this market will be missing out on an important opportunity to deliver their message to a wider audience.”

As an industry leading Digital Marketing firm, Erezziko. is constantly ranked one of the top companies in the industry- April 2017, ranked Erezziko as number one top Digital Marketing companies

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