Toronto Real Estate | Market update | January 2019

Toronto Real Estate | Market update | January 2019

Michael discusses where we currently are sitting in the Toronto Real Estate housing market, as Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has released its latest numbers. With sales dropping over 22.5 % since last December. Michael discusses the 6 year low for December sales again. Is this the new trend going into 2019? Sales from as far back as 2012?

Are the low sales numbers signs that the Toronto Real Estate Market is on its way down? Or is this the fall out everyone is expecting, never going to happen.

The Canadian housing market is expecting interest rates to continue to raise. With low levels in the low density Toronto real estate market, many buyers might scramble to get in. While others sit back and wait for a highly anticipated market correction.

Toronto real estate market all finished for 2018, many are left with a very pessimistic look on the future for next year.

Photo by Illia Cherednychenko on Unsplash

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