ATB 365 #183 Daily Vlog - Food In New York City - (Across The Board)

Welcome to ATB 365 - Daily Vlog by Canadian Rock Band, Across The Board- traveling to NYC for FOOD IN NEW YORK CITY! Subscribe This is Part one of a seven part series on New York coming to you daily from Canadian rockers, Across The Board. Jackie, lead singer, travels to NYC with cousin Tahira, friend Natty and daughter Catalina. They hit Comiccon, The Met, 911 WTC Memorial, Times Square, Kinky Boots and FOOD!


Founded in 2016 from garage jams, campfires and Youtube cover videos, Across The Board (ATB) is currently working on their fourth record, “Howl At The Moon” slated for release in May of 2019, and has over 500 music videos on Youtube and Facebook. ATB produces daily content including a musical vlog, their popular cover series “Pick Up & Play” now in its fifth season, a musical cooking show, acoustic jam show and a “Caravan Karaoke” series—collaborating with artists from across Canada locally and nationally as active pro

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