How to IMPROVE your English-Speaking Confidence!

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My name's Pete and I'm the host of the Aussie English Podcast, a podcast dedicated to teaching people Australian English.

Many of my students, listeners, and viewers, arrive in Australia, Down Under, with a solid level in English, but they some times find it hard speak English confidently, as well as they know they can speak English.

There are a number of different ways that you can improve your English-speaking confidence and start to feel less anxious, less nervous, and much more confident when you need to speak English in important situations.

In this video, I tell you a story about one of my English students, and how he and I are working on improving and building his speaking skills in English so that he can go to job interviews, order food, and interact with native speakers with much more confidence!

Follow these steps and let me know if they help you improve and build your confidence when speakin

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