How I Got My Canadian Driving License in 10 Days | Canada Driving License | Canada PR

This video tells you about my journey of getting a driving license in Canada and how I got my full G driving license in just 10 days of coming to Canada. This video specifically tells you the procedure of getting a driving license in Ontario province however it will give you a general idea of getting a driving license in Canada. To get a driving license in Canada you first have to go to a Canadian government certified driving test center and pay the required fees. After that you will undergo an eye test and a knowledge test. After passing the knowledge test, you will receive your G1 license which gives you the chance to practice and learn driving with an experience driver. After that you have to give a road test and will get the G2 license on passing the road test. After G2 you have to give another test to get your full G license. This video explains how you can cut down this lengthy process to get your full G license within a few days after landing in Canada. Canada Driving License,

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