Start earning money from your social connections.

Hire Ambassador's marketplace helps you to start earning money from your social connections. When you sign up to be a social ambassador, your mission is to invite your soical friends and all your connections on social media & personal contact addressbook.

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How it works?

Few Minutes

Setting up an ambassador profile takes just a few minutes.

Get verified

Add connections property. Get verified via our application.

1,000+ Connections

You need at least 1,000 Connections on to join.

Earn Money

Set up a profile with your own rates for each individual social media network & connections.


Setup one or more ad invetory for your social media & connections property. Make suitable price as per your property popularity.

Get Notifications

Once you set up your profile, you will be immediately synced to start accepting advertiser orders from our marketplace platform.

Easy Payments

No more tracking down customers for payments. We will direct deposit your earnings into your PayPal account.

Proof of delivery (POD)

Once Ambassador completed an order, Ambassador will send Proof of Delivery to advertiser. Once the advertiser reviews the work, it will be marked as complete.

Create Awareness

When you sign up to be a social ambassador, your mission is to create awareness by spreading the message with your friends and followers on social media.

Hire Ambassador is not an employer, but simply connects independent ambassador with advertiser. This opportunity is for an independent contractor. Our Ambassador Program is perfect for those who are looking for seasonal, temporary, or a flexible full-time work opportunity. No previous experience is necessary. Our Ambassador comes from different backgrounds and industries. If you are a blogger, designer, actor, nurse, cleaner, student, teacher, driver, salesperson, contractor, or even an intern who is looking for a flexible working opportunity.

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