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ARG Zombies – A Mobile Alternate Reality Zombie Game.

$16,638 pledged of $15,000 goal 256 backers

$1 now gets you into the beta on your iOS or Android device!

Win a keychain by voting on which one you would like to see. Vote in the comments on our facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/ARGZombiesGame

Update #4 Gameplay Preview

Update #3

Two Player Productions Joins the backers!! Documentarians working with Tim Schafer, and Double Fine Adventure Game have joined our backers!

Update #2

Behind the scenes of Tando: the company and creators behind ARG zombies aren’t just changing gaming, they’re changing the way games are made! Supporting ourselves, and working entirely over the web allows us to develop ARG Zombies in the cloud.  This means that all of the money raised on kickstarter ends up on the screen- developing upgraded graphics, characters, weapons, and missions!


Update #1 Jane McGonigal and Jesse Schell Join Backers on Day 1!!

Jane McGonigal, author of Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better And How They Can Change the World, joined the backers saying, “I love the idea of my apartment being my safehouse!” Check out Jane’s TED talk for more info on why she is awesome: http://www.ted.com/talks/jane_mcgonigal_gaming_can_make_a_better_world.html

As if that wasn’t exciting enough- Jesse Schell, professor at Carnegie Mellon and author of The Art of Game Design also joined the backers on the first day (check out Jesse’s Dice talk on the future of gaming). After looking at ARG Zombies Jesse said to us, “I think people will be really into this!”  We do too Jesse!  We are flattered to have all of our backers, of course, and we are doubly ecstatic to have two of our major game design influences join our backers on the first day!

Thank you everyone for an amazing day 1!

The Pitch:

You wake up in the morning, walk out your door, and you see them everywhere… hundreds of them moaning, crawling, coming to get you… everywhere you go… What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you call?

Recruit friends, raid buildings, duel strangers, and battle to survive! ARG Zombies is an alternate reality game that pits you against the unending Zombie hordes in turn based RPG combat.  This unique style of game is an entirely new way to play on your smartphone!

Players begin by clearing their home, and setting up their safehouse in the game. From here you can play through missions designed to level up your character, and uncover new weapons and attacks.  As you play, you will grow stronger through interactive gameplay where buildings have special missions, and nearby ARG Zombies players are vulnerable to your attack!  Every day is a new Zombie stomping opportunity when you play ARG Zombies!

What kind of game is this again?? (…MMARRPG)

MMARRPG: (mar-peg) Massively Multiplayer Alternate Reality Role Playing Game.

We don’t think that most games take FULL advantage of the Smartphone when it comes to gaming possibilities.  What’s cool about your smartphone? It comes with you everywhere you go! It just makes sense that your game should travel with you, and change depending on your real world location!

What makes ARG Zombies Alternate Reality? 3 things…

#1 Proximity Gaming: you may only trade/duel with other players that are within 200 meter proximity of your device, and your character is linked to the GPS location of your device.  Movement is accomplished by getting up and moving around in the real world!  Search your surrounding area as you go about your day. Discover new monsters that have limited roaming areas, lurking in their territory.

#2 QR Scanning: Monsters, items, missions, and merchandise all interface with the game through the camera in the form of a barcode scan.  Purchasing a tshirt or keychain will become an interactive item over the life of the game!

#3 Clearing Current Location: Who wants to just check-in when you can clear the building of zombies and claim the spoils of your victory?!  ARG Zombies will allow players to do just that. Play at each location you visit through your day- digging through the world for supplies you will need to both survive and thrive!

…And the RPG part?

We are children of the Super Nintendo era, and we wanted our game to contain much of that feeling. We knew combat had to be cool, interactive, dynamic and actually require skill (no button bashing here). We also wanted people to be able to look up from their phone occasionally. So we made combat a turn based system that allows players to complete more powerful attacks by sliding and tapping gestures displayed on the screen.  Speed up your time to do more damage, or use an item to replace some of your health?  AHHHH… there’s that good old RPG feeling!

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