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App Store Rating & Reviews

Google play store and Apple Store is one of the largest and the most credible platforms for android applications. Can you imagine a smartphone without an App? In a similar way, people who develop or download these android apps cannot imagine a platform as huge as the Google play store.

This platform is a blessing in disguise for all Application developers and users. There are more than a billion users on the Google play store and around 200 million apps were downloaded through this platform in 2015.

These statistics are enough to show the dominance of this platform when it comes to web applications. Moreover, just like any other digital platform, Google Play Store reviews matters a lot! Users are highly dependent on these reviews when it comes to taking any decisions about downloading any applications.

The ratings and reviews influence the users a lot and can easily make or break the success potential of any Web Application. If you want to make the best use of this platform, then you must consider the role of positive reviews and should not hesitate to buy google reviews.

How Play Store Reviews Impacts Your Business

With more than a billion users on Google Playstore, you cannot ignore the potential of this amazing platform. Let’s understand the importance of play store reviews with a question- How do you choose an application? There are many apps on the play store how would you know which is better for you? The answer is very simple- by using them.

However, here is another question on your way! Do you think is it practically possible to download all the apps and then test them? The answer would be ‘No’, this is when reviews come into the spotlight. You get ten different App suggestions and you would go through the user reviews before making any decision.

While negative reviews would repel the users, a positive review would earn the trust and credibility of the users for the application. This is how the reviews can impact your business. User reviews directly impact the new user in their decision to install any game or app, hence reviews act as a crucial component of download rate.


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